Life Beyond Tourism® Orientation


The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation®, during its more than ten year of activity through which it has established a network currently comprised of 500 institutions, 77 countries, and 5 continents, in order to promote respect for diversity, the preservation of the identity of places, communication and knowledge, and the enhancement of tangible and intangible heritages for the purpose of a dialogue among cultures, has organized meetings in the name of its motto: “International meetings without competition, with respect for individual identities: a past to understand together, a future to build.”
Through this commitment of the Foundation, in promoting and opening new perspectives towards encounters and meetings, and not oriented towards a world based only on services and consumption, comes the Life Beyond Tourism® Orientation for Intercultural Dialogue, which is symbolized by a flower with its petals indicating: "meetings", "communication", "knowledge", "preservation", and "economy."

To facilitate this activity, and involve those who adhere to the Manifesto (clickable), Life Beyond Tourism® has set up a Cultural Non-Profit Portal (homepage link) with a Community (community link) in which you can register (registration link ), participate in and post events and your own initiatives, upload pictures in the photoblog, take part in contests, follow and create itineraries, add points of interest, write articles for the Magazine and, most importantly, insert information regarding Institutions and Companies that represent the territory.

In this orientation, what is important are the 'Best Practices', and these are applied at Hotel Laurus al Duomo, keeping with the recommendations of the Declaration of Intent of Life Beyond Tourism® dated March 16th, 2008.
In this spirit of hospitality, for a “guest of the city” and, before that, “a guest of the hotel”, there are services offered that involve you in the spirit of the place, with its past historical evolution and its prospects for future growth.