Participate in the restoration of Florentine artwork for free

Be part of History®

Be Part of History 2017 initiative

Thanks to the Hotel Laurus al Duomo, guests of the hotel can become part of the history of Florence through the “Be Part of History” project for enhancing Tuscan cultural heritage.

The project has allowed for more than 20 restorations of works of art to be completed, not only in the Uffizi Gallery, but also in the Palatine Gallery of Palazzo Pitti, in the State Archives, in the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte, as well as the restoration in Dante’s House, thanks to the sentimental involvement of our “Art Loving” Guests who have shared with us the commitment towards protecting the artistic and cultural heritages.

Since 1990, thanks to this initiative, numerous works of art have been restored, including: paintings from the 15th to 19th centuries by Titian, Lèopold Pollak, Giovan Battista Morroni, Alessandro Allori and many others, inc luding monuments from the 1st century BC and a contribution, which is still active today, for the opening of an archaeological site in the municipality of Somma Vesuviana, Pompeii (Naples) for the ruins of a Roman villa, and also the restoration of three manuscripts from the State Archives of Florence on the life of Leonardo da Vinci.

All these works would have been lost without the contribution of this project, which has promoted their restoration and preservation in the main museums and churches of Florence.