“De Ranieri”, sculptors for generations

A still active generation of sculptors, some of whose works are on display in our Hotel

At the very entrance you will be welcomed by two busts: those of Leonardo and Galileo Galilei, while at the reception you will find instead the unmistakable face of Cirano. Then, on the 6th floor, at the entrance of the Terrace there is the Bacchus!

We invite you to admire the details and the workmanship of these Works, in addition to appreciating the work of three generations of sculptors who are still active, persuing a long tradition.

Hotel Laurus al Duomo, Via de’ Cerretani 54/R, Firenze, Italia
Tel: +39 055 2381752 | Fax: +39 055 268308 | reservations@florencehotellaurusalduomo.com

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