Double Room Classic

Elegant and classic rooms in Florence, soundproofed and carefully furnished to suit all the needs of travelers and welcome them in maximum comfort. Double bed (can be separated into two standard single beds upon request), and linens are changed on a daily basis, but you can also choose to change them less often, with respect for the environment. Private bathroom with towels and slippers, flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi are just some of the comforts available to our guests, which can all be viewed on the Services page.
Among the classci double rooms are the following, customized with names:
1) Ferro Battuto: so called because of the wrought iron (ferro battuto) railing, which represents the skilled technique of working iron
2) Balaustra: overlooking an architectural detail (balustrade) that has been used since the V century for balconies and important architectural works
3) Dialogo: recalls the value and meaning of dialogue (dialogo) among men and women, something that is increasingly rare in our technological world
4) Pietra Serena: the "soft" stone used in Florentine buildings
5) Cultura: culture – the characteristic and distinct aspect of every human being
6) Concerti: concerts - music by which an individual expresses his personality
7) Convegni: conventions - dissemination of culture and comparisons among populations
8) Angoli: corners – meeting places near our hotel
9) Corte: court – centre of a microscopic social life
10) Faenza: ancient road that lead to the city of Romagna (Faenza) from Florence
11) Unità: square with the war memorial obelisk
12) Fortezza: Fortress da Basso, oversaw the city, dedicated to San Giovanni Battista
13) Vetri: windows – overlooking transparency and solidity
14) Mercato: market – the heart of Florentine family businesses
15) Alloro: one of the streets in the center of Florence that, during the Renaissance, welcomed famous figures, such as Giotto
16) Auditorium: a place of cultural Exchange towards mutual knowledge
17) Terrazzi: terraces – glances across a community
18) Brunelleschi: in honor of the sculptor and architect who renewed Italian art
19) Nigetti: the author that designed the Medici Chapels
20) Morello: the hill that dominates Florence from the North-East
21) Incastri: interlocking play on volumes among the houses