Visit the city of Florence

When you arrive, you'll find…

Making you feel at home, and not just a guest of the hotel, is our main mission. It is for this reason that we have created services aimed at introducing you to the city and its traditions, in the fullest spirit of the Florentine tradition.

As the place for the practical application for Life Beyond Tourism®, we promote intercultural dialogue through travel, enhancing the intangible and tangible heritage of our city and our territory, in order to preserve its history.

To transform your stay into a true experience, you will find the following when you arrive:


Custom rooms with names inspired by the view seen out your window and that will be indicated through the Micro-perspectives (patent of the hotel) found on the door of your room, consisting of various photographs, which will help you notice the details and peculiarities of the view from your room.


The first three TV channels broadcast an exclusive movie, “Florence: 1000 years of history”, created specially by the hotel, along with Art Media Studio, in three languages (Italian, English, and French) to briefly explain the history of our city, with contributions by Antonio Paolucci, Bruno Santi. and Cristina Acidini

Courtesy products

Courtesy products by the exclusive Certified Cosmetic line that respects the environment: “First Pressing” with “Tuscan PGI” Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

City map

A thematic map specially prepared for our guests featuring all the major attractions and alternative itineraries, along with the main codes of conduct, as governed by the “Firenze per Bene” - Respectable Florence - project, in which Life Beyond Tourism has been active towards respecting and preserving the city.

8 Hidden Itineraries

Specially designed to let you discover the city from a different perspective, admiring the most hidden corners, with their unique charm.

Traveler’s Kit

Upon arrival, you will be given a kit containing our free initiatives:

Be Part of History”: Become part of story by simply presenting your Uffizi Gallery tickets at the hotel reception desk. The objective of this initiative is the protection of the artistic and cultural heritages of the city.

Vo Per Botteghe”: Take a walk through the city and discover the authentic shops of the Florentine territory, with their history and passion, handed-down from generation to generation.

City map: Make your stay unique and unforgettable, finding the hidden unknown places of Florence, thanks to our alternative itineraries.

Del Bianco Foundation Museum: A private collection of donations from around the world, made available to travelers for mutual knowledge:

Sites for Dialogue”: A book that recounts the meaning of Life Beyond Tourism® and helps you discover how, from being a simple tourist, you can become a traveler instead.