Florentine historic hotel

About us

Since 1975, we believe that a journey is a vehicle of new experiences that deeply change the individuals who live through it. Precisely because of this:

  • Since 1991, with the “Be Part of History” and “Art in our Heart” initiatives, we have supported Cultural Heritage, and restored over 20 works of art;
  • Life Beyond Tourism® orientation was developed, making the Centro Congressi al Duomo convention center the first location for its practical application and was certified in 2008;
  • The Certification for the Dialogue between Cultures – Life Beyond Tourism® DTC-LBT: 2018 was created;
  • The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation was established as a Center for Studies and Research regarding topics of intercultural dialogue and travel.

Our mission is to provide the tools required to all travelers for writing an important chapter in the story of their own lives.
Turn a simple stay into a unique and unforgettable adventure with projects that we have designed exclusively for you. Itineraries, events, and initiatives, each time will be like the first.

Our Motto is: not tourists, only travelers (less people for longer stays).